Sunday, November 11, 2012

Belly Art

If we are Facebook friends, you may have seen that Avery was playing with stickers not too long ago, and used my very pregnant belly as her canvas. 

We have been playing a bit of catch up around the house. Working on getting the house clean and in order, working on the nursery, winterizing the yard, and general "to-do list" stuff around Casa Bower. 

Avery's daycare toured the parent's workplaces on Halloween to trick or treat. Tony came to my office since it is only 5 min. away from his, and it worked out to save a trip for the kids. 

Avery was showing off her mom's office and I had little packets of Teddy Grahams for the kids to snack on. 

Tony and I were able to make it to one last ISU Football game this season. My former boss is very generous, and let us use some of their tickets for the Oklahoma game. 

Tony dropped me off close to the stadium so I could meet up with my former boss to tailgate some and get our tickets while he parked the car. They were so sweet to include a parking pass with the tickets. 

The new football facility is right by the stadium and they have a primo spot between that and the stadium to tailgate. 

We didn't get the W, but it turned into a beautiful day, and we had fun.

This was my election night coverage beverage of choice. 

I *love* election night, even if my candidate doesn't win. The excitement, the drama of calling states, the crazy news anchors from each channel. We were switching between MSNBC, CNN, FOX News, and the local stations. I gotta say....there are some crazy people out there. 

Our baby was sick this past week. Out of sorts, running a fever, very emotional. Just like her mama when she gets sick. She spiked a temp of 103.2 on Thursday afternoon when I got home from work, to let Tony get into the office, since we kept her home and split our work day. I panicked a bit and called her doctor. We were able to get right in, and she tested negative for strep, and looked ok, other than her fever. We spent Friday snuggling, and laying low. We took the doctors recommended medicine schedule, and she was feeling much better, and had broken the fever, on Saturday morning. 

Which led to this...

We had a friend over to watch the ISU football game Saturday morning, and he brought his 2 kids. This picture was taken around 8pm, after the kids had their way with the living room. It should be noted that we took the kids to the park for about an hour in the afternoon, since it was unseasonably warm {71 f} for November. That burned some energy, and distracted the kids for a bit. 

The Cyclone cookies didn't bring luck to the football team, but they were tasty.

Avery wanted to show off a bit and read to Claire. She knows what kind of goes with each picture, and kept yelling for Claire to sit by her so she could read to her. I think she might be ready to be a big sister. 

Speaking of, I am still very large. 

I need to start a company that makes cute, sporty, maternity wear. I would make a fortune! My poor ISU shirts are taking a beating and stretching far more than they were made too. I have taken to wearing some of Tony's shirts at times, and then I just look fat. Not fun.

I did some more art for the nursery too. I hung one up, just to get a sense of scale, and liked what I did. 

Not much else to report. Our sweet girl will be 2 in a week! She has learned how to put up 2 fingers when we ask her how old she will's adorable. 

Well, that is about it for updates. I know they are fewer and far between, but that is the nature of it these days. Better than nothing though right?

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