Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Go Shopping? Target!?

Avery loves to go shopping, and more importantly, *LOVES Target. She points out Target if we drive by. 

I stopped by last week after I picked her up from daycare to pick out an outfit for her to wear to her 2 year pictures we had scheduled for her Birthday last Saturday. She was having a ball picking out clothes.

This is after a woman chatted me up about children's clothing sizes. She stopped me while Avery and I were browsing. She asked how the sizing works, what the "T" at the end of the number meant, and what I thought about the Disney Princess nightgown she was looking at. 

In the meantime, Avery is running circles around us, crawling under the cart, and throwing random items into the cart. 

Random Lady: When I was younger, I just loved wearing these nightgowns.

Me: Uh-huh. Avery! Stop grabbing those shirts.

Random Lady: I think it is better to get it bigger, so she can grow into it right?

Me: Probably...Avery, please get out from under the cart, you are going to bonk your head.

Random Lady: I don't have kids, so this can be confusing to me, what does the "T" mean after the 4?

Me: Toddler...Avery! Please pick up that stack of shirts you just dumped on the floor.

Random Lady: The girl I am buying this for is 3, but her mom said she wears a 4T. How old is your daughter? What size does she wear?

Me: She is 2, and wears 24 month, or 2T, and they are still a bit big on her. Avery, please help Mommy put all these clothes back on shelf. How did you get 18 shirts in the cart? Oh, do you like this one? Ok, let's keep it. Sorry, Ma'am I need to go now...

Random Lady: Ok, thanks for your help!

After all that, I still didn't find anything we liked for pictures, so we just grabbed a few groceries and went home. It was all I could handle after a long day, but it still makes me smile that she just loves shopping and Target. 

On the way home, I hear this from the backseat:

"Go shopping? One more store?"

I think Tony is a little concerned about our bank account after seeing how much she likes to go shopping ;)

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