Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Avery!

Our sweet girl turned 2 recently, and we had a party for her after Thanksgiving. We made the executive decision not to to travel to MN this year for Thanksgiving. I am so close to our due date, and we are measuring ahead, so we thought it best if we could wrangle my family into a visit to Iowa for Thanksgiving and Avery's birthday. It worked, and it was so nice to host my family for a bit in our home...but enough about that, on to Avery's party!

We made some little favor bags for the kids in attendance...since we can totally relate/understand how hard it can be for some kids to watch others open presents. This way, Avery was able to share some loot. Each bag had a Sesame Street straw, some small candy, crayons, a small notebook, and a few favor type toys I picked up cheap at the party store. I think they were a hit. 

Avery has been into Elmo and other Sesame Street characters lately, so we went with that for the theme, albeit very low key....

Avery's cousin's were helping. They love Avery, and we loved having them over for an afternoon. Bre, my rockstar sister-in-law brought the girls down for the party, even though my brother had to work. 

The crew that helped me, since my mom kept telling me the best way to help was to sit and put my feet up. Mom's are the best. 

We had to do a little re-arranging of our living room to accommodate a special gift...

We moved the tall bookshelf over to the left of the fireplace to open up a corner of our living room...

About a year ago, my father in law was on Price is Right! He was selected to go up, and he won! He bid on a Pottery Barn Kids kitchen, won, and then went on to win a real appliance set. I don't have video to link you to, but I will work on that. 

So we have been saving this kitchen set in our basement for almost a year, waiting until Avery was old enough to appreciate it, and play with it. Don and Linda were really excited to give it to her, and came over during her nap before the party to put it together. 

{I just realized I should have edited these pictures a bit, the lighting is horrendous}

{I will do another post soon, about the changes to our living room. A pretty cool gift for Avery, means I get to play around with the decor in our living room. A room that has been a bit neglected with the whole new baby/nursery goings on...}

To say Avery loves the kitchen is a huge understatement. Everyone was aware of what she was getting, so some of her gifts included toy food, cooking utensils, pots, pans, and shopping carts. I think I might need to make a little store this weekend and we can take her baby to the grocery store. She has been cooking us food every night this week. It is adorable. 

 Don and Linda found her a personalized plaque to label her kitchen too...

The party was a hit, she got some very fun toys and really cute clothes, but best of all was that all of her family was there to celebrate her. She had a ball playing with her cousins, and the neighbor girls, whom she absolutely adores. 

After the gift extravaganza, we ate some sandwiches and meatballs {recipe to come...they were a big hit}, and hit the cupcakes to sing a little Happy Birthday to our girl. 

She wore that apron most of the day after opening it. 

We had such fun that day. We let Avery go nuts with a cupcake or two, and then she just played and played with her new toys. 

She also got in on our Trivial Pursuit game we had going later that night...

Rob still wouldn't let her win. 

My brother and sister in law are expecting their 3rd {and maybe 4th?? the doctor thought she heard a second heartbeat, but we won't know until they do an ultrasound!} child next spring. We had to get a bump picture while we could, since I think this is the last I will see of her until the baby comes. 

Happy Birthday sweet girl! 

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