Friday, December 7, 2012

All I want for Christmas :: Pay it forward

Each year Tony's office adopts a family from Children's Cancer Connection. This is a fantastic charity that helps families with children dealing with all forms of cancer. 

We are huge champions of this charity, and feel strongly about it's cause. Every year, for the last 5 or so years,  we donate to, and help organize the charity golf tournament, help with an adopted family's needs at Christmas, and often donate cash at various other times during the year to help fund kids scholarships to camp. 

I am writing about this now because this year, I told Tony that I don't want any gifts for Christmas. I have everything I could possibly want with a happy healthy family, and a new baby on the way. Our adopted family this year is a single mom with a teenage son fighting cancer. I can't imagine the strength this fellow mom must have, to deal with this on her own. I told Tony that I would rather help this family and another, in lieu of any kind of gift. 

You too can help a family by visiting 

As some of you know, I read quite a few other blogs. 

Some are about design:  

some are other mom's:
Fly Through Our Window

some are to get recipes

some are random

some I know in real life,
our crazy ever after

and some I have made friends with via the Internet {not as scary as I thought!}

On one of my favorite lifestyle, weight loss blogs is..
.Mama Laughlin

 she has organized a 12 days of Christmas Pay it Forward campaign:

In reading these stories of families in need this holiday season, I stumbled upon a FAMILY HERE IN DES MOINES . They are a local family with the youngest being born with renal {kidney} failure. He is now a year old and has already spent a 1/3 of his life in the hospital. As I read this story, I had tears streaming down my face. With Avery being 2, and a new baby about to be here, I couldn't help but feel for this family. It may be the hormones, but I attribute it to being a mom. I could not imagine having a small baby needing to be in the hospital so much for tests, dialysis, and other procedures. I knew that I wanted to help them, even if I had never met them.

Here is the mom's blog:
Teddy Bears Journey

and fundraising site to help with transplant, travel, and hospital costs:
Fundraise for Teddy

Tony and I discussed it, and we want to help this family. We will be donating to the fundraise website, in addition to helping the Children's Cancer Connection family I mentioned above.

If you are so inclined, please pay it forward this holiday season.

Cheers, and Happy Holidays!

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  1. Awwww yay!!!! I know it was not as scary as I thought either. Pay it Forward is amazing and what wonderful people.