Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Missing Minnesota

This time of year always makes me miss my mom and dad's house. I got a text from my dad the other night looking for gift ideas for mom {ooops, sorry Dad, just outed you! Dad, check your email}, and saying that he wished we lived closer so we could do our shopping on Christmas Eve like we used to when I was growing up. Not gonna lie, I choked up a bit. I miss my dad....and I am super hormonal. 
{I started to cry after spilling a small glass of water last week}

2010: Avery and PaPa

Inevitably, he would wait until the last minute, and we would rush out and get Mom's presents. Usually we did really well at finding gifts, but we sometimes hit snags. Once we stopped at the food court in the mall to eat before we started shopping, only to hear the announcement that the mall would be closing in 30 min. We ate really fast that day. There was also a habit of finding the perfect gift for himself while looking for mom. New boots ring a bell, Dad?!

While we were out shopping, my Mom was in the kitchen baking up goodies listening to the Elvis Christmas album. 

Sigh... I miss this. Really, really miss this. Normally, I would find some time to get up there this time of year, but with the impending baby, I haven't been to my mom and dad's since early October. We are postponing our family Christmas until the end of January, so that we can come up, see the extended family and all celebrate together, since we will be getting home from the hospital on Christmas Eve this year. Thankfully my parents will be down soon for the birth of their first grandson. 

I can't wait...I am not to old to say that I miss my mommy and daddy :)

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