Monday, December 10, 2012

We made apps.

Avery and I had the day to ourselves again on Saturday, with Tony working. We had seen on the Pioneer Woman show that morning an interesting appetizer that she was making. After our day of playing, cleaning, and napping, we decided to make them for when Daddy got home. Luckily we had all the ingredients on hand.

{We did make the substitution to use Ritz crackers, rather than club crackers, as that is all I had on hand.}

Avery, of course helped immensely in the kitchen.

We got her a pan from her kitchen set and she was making her own "batch"

Tony said the house smelled awesome when he walked in...which made me feel like a very good wife. Making the house smell good for her hardworking husband when he got you can tell, I lean toward the old-fashioned, traditional wifely role. .... I call it auditioning for stay-at-home mom. Which, unfortunately would mean these hours he is putting in would be the norm, to support me staying home with our babies. So...probably not gonna happen.

Back to the appetizers, they were a little different, but good. I would make and serve them again. Probably at a sports or holiday party. For sure when my brother Mike is in attendance, as Bacon is one of his major food groups. 

We would rate them a solid B. I liked the Parmesan ones a bit better than the brown sugar ones. Tony preferred the brown sugar. 

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