Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Gavin's baby pictures

Hello friends! We are doing well around here. Adjusting to the life of a newborn again, and chasing Avery around. It is exhausting, but we have never been happier. We got some photos done of baby Gavin, and the photographer captured some great shots of Avery too. We are thrilled with them.

After a terrible experience with the photographers at Methodist hospital, I contacted BELLA BABY PHOTOGRAPHY in hopes that we could talk them into coming over from Mercy to take Gavin's baby pictures. They instead offered to come to the house for 1/2 price later in the week, since they were so glad to hear from us, and that we were so happy with Avery's photos 2 years ago, we called them even though we delivered in a different hospital than where they are contracted. 

{background info: we delivered at Mercy Des Moines for Avery and they use Bella Baby for newborn pictures, if the parents are interested. We delivered with Methodist downtown Des Moines for Gavin, and they contract another company. They were awful, and I would never recommend them to anyone. If interested, I can give more details}

This next one might be my favorite...Avery really does love the baby, she was just really tired, and didn't want to participate anymore.

After some fruit snacks, she was totally fine again. 

More to come on our Christmas, and other happenings around Casa Bower. Things are starting to settle into more of a routine around here, and we are very happy....if a bit tired :)


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    1. Thanks Morgan! We are very happy with them.

  2. He's so CUTE Danielle! I especially love the last one where he looks like he's playing the air guitar :)

    1. Thanks Jenna! We are pretty in love with him. How are you, we should do lunch once I am back at work again!?