Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Baby Boy Nursery for Gavin

Gavin's nursery design revolved around the window for me. We had to come up with a good solution for covering the window. I knew what "theme" I wanted to do...even though I hate overwhelming themes.

This is Tony helping us make the template before we got started cutting the fabric. 

We found the fabric in the discount bin at Hancock for a song. It fit perfectly with the colors that I wanted to do, and was just enough pattern. We ended up using roman shade hook tape and putting hooks on the arch to install the drapes. It worked out perfectly. 

I had talked out a plan with Tony to do comic book decor. He, like most men, was on board. My favorite uncle works in the comic industry, so it had special meaning to me too. 

We picked out 4 different prints from art.com to frame for the room. I love the colors and the vintage feel to them. The frames are inexpensive plastic frames from target online. I knew we would be hanging them above the crib, so I didn't want anything heavy. 

My mom even made Gavin a quilt with comic fabric. We were able to re-use the crib and bedding from Avery's nursery. The colors and pattern fit in perfectly with the new room for Gavin. 
{All part of my master plan! Ha!}

The other wall with the changing table still needs a little something, and I am working on it, but here it is as it stands now. The art is custom..which means I made it myself to save the budget. 

I used the same font for this and the other custom art in the room and printed off large letters in various sizes and colors. Cut and paste, and presto, custom art. 

The frames are from IKEA. 

The other 2 say POW!! and BOOM!!

Still a few finishing touches to be done, but no room in our house is ever done. Just ask Tony. I see fear in his eyes if I am standing in the doorway staring into a room. It means I am coming up with a plan. 


  1. Hello. I should have posted my comment here, in case you had to go back through your own blog. I"m looking for detailed instructions for your arched windows. I have a 1890 brownstone with arched windows and so the arches aren't typical of today's arched windows.

    1. I believe she installed mug hooks onto the window and the sewed roman shade loop tape onto the curtain

  2. Yep, I sure did Wendy. I have actually done a post with more instructions, since I have been getting emails with questions. I hope that helps as well. Good luck to you if you do the same, they work great! Cheers~

  3. Where exactly can I find the additional instructions for the arched window coverings? Brilliant and I would love to replicate!

    1. http://casabower.blogspot.com/2014/09/diy-curtains-for-arch-window-more.html
      HI Missy,
      here is the post where I detailed more about how we made and hung the curtains for the arch window. I hope this helps :)