Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Avery's favorite things :: Toddler Edition

Here are a few things that Avery seems to be in love with lately...so it's 

Avery's favorite things Spring Edition!

Her Pottery Barn Red Retro Kitchen:
{The story on how she got that HERE...it's a good one.}

She makes us meals weekly. 

{we like the Melissa and Doug brand}
The Lumineers. 
Yes, really, the band, The Lumineers
{I started singing Hey Ho to her months ago, it became our song, Tony got us the CD to listen to in the car, and we watch the recorded SNL performances almost daily. She sings and dances along. Adorable}

Her "videos" on Tony's Kindle
{we let her watch educational children's videos on youtube...with our supervision. Tea Time with Tayla is a favorite.}

Pink Pop and Fish Candy
{a girl after my own heart. This is her treat after she has nap}

The Library
{This place is her favorite...a train table, coloring stations, puzzle stations, children's computers, and best of all...BOOKS. Our girl LOVES books.}

I would do a post on what Gavin's favorite things are, but let's face it. He is 3 months old and likes what typical baby boys do. Eat, sleep, and poop. In that order. He also loves to hear his sister's voice, snuggling with Mommy, and watching sports with Daddy. 

He is also a future hipster...

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