Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bounce House Birthday Party

A few weeks ago, Avery was invited to a birthday party for our neighbor, Parker. There is an indoor bounce house and playground called  THE PLAYGROUND, in Ankeny, and it is safe to say Avery loved it. 

They hadd bubble machines that went off every so often....

There were activities for each age level

The slides were easily her favorite.

I think this will be a good place for us to bring her when it is a rainy day, or next winter to burn some energy. She got going so fast at one point, she fell and gave her chin a rug burn. After just a few seconds of crying, she was running again to the next slide. 

We all had fun, even though we were the only parents who stayed with their kid. Our neighbor told us we were welcome to leave, go get dinner, and come back later, like the other parents, but we thought Avery might not be up for that quite yet. She knows our neighbors well, but not many of the other kids. We forget sometimes that she is only 2. {she acts 12 most days}

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