Friday, April 26, 2013

Dear Gavin, you have infant allergies...

Dear Gavin,
You are now 4 months old, and we are so totally in love with you. I call you my little love bug. You are always happy, always smiling, and always on my mind.

Lately though, you have been a little under the weather, stuffed up, and not sleeping well. After your fairly major scare when you were 6 weeks old, and admitted to the hospital in critical condition with can say that your mama was a bit concerned.

Turns out your doctor believes you have allergies, and you have your mama to thank for that. I feel for you my little love bug, but unfortunately you can't take my Claritin, and most studies say that you need to be at least 6 months before we can start you on some kind of allergy meds. Your sister takes them every night, but there is nothing we can do for you about it right now.  We will try to keep your airways clear of the yucky mucous, and  keep you in an upright position while sleeping and playing so you don't get too congested.

This pollen count map might explain why the last week has been tough on you. Next week doesn't look any better.

I hate that you are feeling so yucky. I hate that I passed on my genetic makeup to be allergic, especially at such a young age. I hate that no one in our house is getting a good night's sleep, and we are all cranky. I am on looking into sleepers that will keep you elevated and safe so that we can all get some sleep.

I want you to know this is not your fault and there is nothing you can do about it. Even though you look tired all the time because your eyes are red and itchy, you are still a happy baby, and smile at me when I talk to you. You talk right back to me...telling me all about your day. It makes those 2-3 times a night when I am up with you worth it. We just want you to be comfortable.

The next couple of weeks are going to be rough Love Bug. But you have shown us you are tough. We will get through it together, and hopefully in better moods. After all, I dare anyone not to smile when they see this...

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