Monday, April 29, 2013

Photoshoot Outtakes

I took some pictures of Gavin this morning for his 4 month shot on his blog page {see GAVIN above}. Yes, it would have been easier if I had done this on Sunday 4/21, when I was home all day, or even this past weekend. But, no, I choose to do things the hard way and on a Monday morning before work.

Things didn't go as planned...

I didn't have time to put him in a white onesie that I had been using. NBD, he looks cute here. 

I used his crib as background rather than our standard baby blanket....he looks like he standing on it. 

I thought I should just throw down the blanket and get a quick picture, or else, his 5 month will be here before I know it. 

Avery wants to know what I am doing, and has selective hearing when I ask her to keep off the blanket, and sit down near the door. She falls on top of Gavin soon after this...there is a crying baby and a sharp reprimand by me. Avery starts to pout and genuinely apologizes to Gavin after we talk with her. 

Ah, finally got a good one. Even if it does break the normal format. A cute baby is a cute baby.

And then, Avery runs to her room, grabs one of her baby blankets, and starts to pose. We had told her that we did this for her when she was Baby Avery, and she wanted to do it again. 

Avery Dawn: 29.5 months!

 Baby pictures, time spent potty training Avery, and general madness around the house. After all this, I was only 15 min late to work. I consider it a successful Monday morning.

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