Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Road Trip to Sioux Falls

Last weekend, we took a little road trip to Sioux Falls SD. We went to see friends who used to live in Des Moines, and moved back to Sioux Falls to be closer to their family. I can't fault them for that, but we miss them terribly. 

Clearly we had great travel weather, as you can see above. May 3rd, everyone. Iowa weather.

We met my parents in Albert Lea to hand off the kids. This was going to be my first night away from Gavin. After we got the baby gear and car seats transferred over, the waterworks started. I may or may not have cried half way to South Dakota. 

We got in late, and after a few cocktails and some catching up, we got some sleep to prepare for the next day. Casey and I had some bloody mary's with lunch that included beef jerky. My day was off to a wonderful start. This may or may not have been after several calls to my mom to check on my babies. 

Tony and Justin were long gone on a bar crawl with the guys to get breakfast and pick up the hog to roast that day. They do this annually. We met up with them later at the Derby Party. I won a little bit because I chose the winning horse, since I thought ORB stood for Oil Rubbed Bronze, which is a hardware and plumbing finish I use daily at work...

My cocktail was a little low..

Casey and I {I need to figure out how to style my hair better}

Funny story...I was sitting at a table and chatting with our hosts best friend. She was asking about Tony and I, and it came up that we went to Iowa State, and she asked when I graduated. After I told her 2003, she asked if I knew any Obbink's. Well, turns out we do, and that is also their last name, and we are friends with their nephew from college. This is their son Chris {our friends cousin} below with Tony.


She grew up in Fairmont MN, where my dad was born. She comes from a farming family and told me that Laue sounded familiar from when my dad's family farmed there. They know a few Laue's from Armstrong IA {whom I don't know, but am most likely related to in some capacity...Laue is not a common name}

Sunday, after a delicious breakfast at a diner in downtown Sioux Falls, we headed back to Owatonna to pick up our kids, and to meet our newest niece, Beah. My mom also surprised us with a photographer to take pictures of our kids. They turned out awesome! She captured them perfectly. 

and baby Beah...who looks exactly like her older sisters. They are very much in love with her, as we all are. 


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