Monday, June 24, 2013

Being a 'Working Mom'...Spoiler alert, this is hard.

So who wants to let me in on the secret to being a working mom...anyone?

I am tired all the time. all the time.

Gavin still gets up at least once a night to eat. And he is so happy and smiley about it, once we get him his bottle. I will admit it is nice to get that extra baby snuggle. It would be nice to have a good nights sleep though too.

Tony told me on my birthday, for our little outing at the lake, was the most he had seen me smile in a long time. That made me sad. I think I am pretty happy, it is just exhausting with the kids, work, house, cleaning, lawn care, life.

Am I too tired to be happy?

Am I putting too much pressure on myself?

My body is so messed up from being pregnant and birthing kids 2x in the last 2.5 years, that not much in my closet fits, or fits like it used to. I don't feel comfortable in most of my clothes, and then I won't wear them. I keep telling myself that once Gavin starts to sleep through the night, I will get up in the morning and do an exercise DVD, before getting ready for work, and the kids ready for daycare. Truth is, I am too tired to do it at night, and it is a ways down on the priority list. I might need to revisit my priority list. Or go to bed earlier.

Our house is always a mess, and I let it go until I can't stand it anymore, then go on a crazed cleaning spree. Messy is one thing, but dirty is quite another. I will not have it....says the daughter of 2 people who own a cleaning company.

You single sincerest hats off to you. Seriously, you people are saints.

I tell myself to have the attitude of gratitude. These are not bad problems to have, just my own issues. The good outweighs any bad, every day of the week.

These two make it worth it. Every day, all day. 

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