Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Family Photos

We had some family photos taken now that we are a family of 4. I contacted a photographer that had done some informal photos of the kids when they stayed with my parents in May for the weekend.

 I also went to high school with her, so we go way back. We were really happy with how the quick pictures of the kids turned out, so we contacted Karen of LEGAULT IMAGES to take some pictures of our whole family and of each branch of the family tree. 

I love Lexi's face above...and that Jade is holding Gavin's hand. 

This is about as happy as my parents could get. 

I have a feeling we will see this look from our kids a lot in the future. {"Really Mom and Dad? Really?"} Already co-conspirators. 

This little man just melts my heart. Completely. He is a happy little man.

Pretty great pictures if you ask me...but then again I am pretty biased too. 

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