Friday, July 26, 2013

Sorry 'bout that...

Didn't mean to leave such a downer post up for so long. Some people were starting to get worried about my state of mind. While I am a little nuts most of the time, I am doing really well. Adjusting to life being busy, busy, busy, and just letting some things go. IE: Housework.

Here are some snapshots into what we have been up to for the last month...basically having a lot of fun!

My mom, aunt, and some family friends came down to stay with me and go to the Fleetwood Mac concert. Not many friends my age like them (oh the shame!), so I invited my momma to go with me. Once my aunt heard, she wanted to go with 2. So we bought tickets twice, found enough people who wanted to go, and had a great time!

The next week we headed to MN for our annual Laue "staycation". All of us come home with our kiddos and play in the pool, have bonfires (it was too windy this year), take turns cooking and generally relaxing. It was heaven!

My parents neighbors (it just killed me not to make a "neigh" pun right here!) have horses, and called to see if the girls wanted to come over to ride horses one morning. It was a huge hit with the girls!

You can see where Gavin gets his good looks from. 

Tony being mobbed in the pool!

While mom and I were having our coffee on the front porch, the girls were touring the property in the pink jeep!

Fun with a hose. I just love how the girls all play together. Oh the future girls weekends we are going to have!

It was then back to the grind....which is good. Work is very busy right now, but thankfully I love what I do. 

I  also have a great husband who just takes over at home and with the kids when I need to work late... which is about 3 nights a week these days. And then we both hole up in the office to work from home after the kids go down. 

Avery and I had a girl day to run errands, so naturally we stopped for some FROYO too. 

There were berries under the gummies and sprinkles...promise!

and just because he is so stinkin' cute! The G-man!

We tried the Moby wrap again last night. I hadn't used it since I was home on maternity leave. I was planning to take the kids for a walk to improve someone's mood...(see pic below to guess who!). I thought I could handle it myself and put Avery in the stroller and Gavin wrapped to me. Tony got home from working late (sense a theme at Casa Bower...both of us are working our tails off both at work and home...) as we were ready to leave, and then the neighbor girls joined us. I am thinking that the people who saw me and Tony walking thought we had our hands full. 4 kids under 7. 

And someone is 2 and over tired. Her week has been all mixed up. She and Gavin were in MN from the weekend until Tuesday night since our daycare was closed. It threw her a little off kilter this week. I am hoping to reset this weekend. 

You can send wine care of TB and DL @ Casa Bower!

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  1. 1) I looove the white kitchen and bathroom (sconces especially)!
    2) The pic of you and wrapped up Gavin is so freaking cute.