Monday, September 23, 2013

Block Party

We had our annual block party last week. We do it the Friday night before the Iowa State/Iowa game. It is nice to be able to visit with neighbors, and let the kids run amok. Avery got to ride her bike with the big kids, so the night was automatically a hit.

We wore our Cyclone gear, but that was not enough for our team to produce an effective offense at the game the next day. {grrrr}

Ella photoboming!

Gavin flirted with all the ladies. He is such a ladies man!

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  1. I think we're done with The Pioneer Woman and her manufactured persona. Televising children drinking pond water on a ranch where the run-off no doubt includes manure and assorted other contaminates, ended the fascination for us. We'll focus on Minnesota's Amy Thielen from now on.

    For all the details including photos of Ree's child drinking from a pond, you might want to visit The Marlboro Woman.