Friday, September 6, 2013

The Iowa State Fair!

Avery told us the first thing she wanted to do was get her face painted. We asked if she wanted to go to the Iowa State booth and have Cy painted on her face...she was excited. We might only be able to get away with that this year.

The weather was gorgeous this year. We went late afternoon and it was not crowded yet, and a cool breeze could be felt...not your typical Iowa State Fair weather.

We let Avery do down the big slide as her "ride". Tony wouldn't even consider letting me take her down until he got to go down with her first. Safe to say, she absolutely loved it, so I got to take her down once more.

Then there's this guy. He could not have been better, or more happy. Just hanging out, looking around, smiling and cooing, and of course, doing his flirt with the ladies!

All animals...all the time.

It was such a fun little outing. The kids did great, we all had fun, and we were home and in bed by 9!

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