Friday, January 17, 2014

+39 Restaurant Review - Ames

I went to Ames on Wednesday night after work to meet some old co-workers and friends for dinner. We wanted to try this new Italian place that they had helped build/out and design with the owners. 

{I have had minimal interaction with one of the owners in the past. He and his family are Italian, and have a house in Ames. They contracted us to re-model and furnish the house. We did the work via email and they moved in after we were done. I met them exactly 1 time.} 

The restaurant is a mix of dining, bar, and market. We sat in the market side, and it was...odd. The tables were tiny, but the portions and plates were also tiny, so I guess it works?

 We decided to rate the ambiance, service, and food on a scale of 1-5. 5 being the tops.

Ambiance: 2
Service: 3
Food: 3 (saved by the chocolate raspberry cake I had for dessert}

Overall: 2.5

There are too many other great options in Ames for me to want to go back, but if someone suggested it, I would get what my friend got {Rigatonni with a cream and bacon sauce}, not the risotto I got. 
It was ris-so-so. 

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