Monday, January 27, 2014

Cyclones, Cleaning, and Cold!

We went to the Iowa State basketball game on Saturday. We had some pretty good seats for this one. I was able to purchase some seats from long-time donors who couldn't make it, so we had this view...about 12 or so rows behind the Cyclones bench.

It was a great game, and we won! We met up with some friends for some drinks and dinner afterwards, and had a great time catching up, and discussing our beloved Cyclones!

We stayed in on Sunday to clean, organize, and stay out of the cold. Man it has been a cold winter!

Avery and Gavin were hiding from me and I pulled back the curtain to see these 2 cuties playing. We absolutely love that they love each other and generally play well together.

I also decided to pull everything out of the mudroom to clean and re-organize. I had to put up the baby gate to keep little hands out of the way. 

He just wanted to help. Avery did help for a bit, but her idea of re-organizing was bringing more toys to the mudroom, instead of cleaning them out. She ended up cleaning up quite a bit for me later though. She is her momma's daughter!

We are home today to get over a stomach bug, and to take care of some house maintenance, and it is a good day to stay inside. I think it is currently -5 outside with wind chills well below that. Brrrr~!

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  1. looks like a nice weekend! This winter has definitely been brutal for a lot of people!