Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January = Organization

I always thought it was kind of funny how once the holidays were over...Boom! Organize. You see it in the stores, you see it online, you see it magazine articles...I never really did it, but kind of wanted to.

Fast forward to now. 2 working parents. 2 on-the-move-kids with WAY too many toys, and 1 house that we moved into 4 years ago, where some items are still in the spot we threw them into when we moved in.

I/WE can't take it any longer. A big house fills up fast when the storage space is used inefficiently.

We turned the front hall closet into a toy storage space for toys that Avery and Gavin need permission and supervision for. She knows that she needs to ask before getting any toys out of the closet. All of our crayons, coloring books, art supplies, stickers, etc are in there. Also, her hair and makeup toys, and a lot of her puzzles and games are in there too. Gavin's Lego's are in there, and Avery loves them just as much, but if you step on an errant piece.....Yikes, those hurt! So into the closet they went. It freed up a lot of space in the living room. We try to swap out toys every so often because they quickly lose interest in the ones readily available.

I also went on a purging spree in the master bath. {that sounds like I have an eating disorder..of which I can assure you I do not!} I tossed old make-up, hair styling items I don't use, and generally cleaned up and organized. There is a whole empty drawer in there!

We also did all of the laundry in the house. We had the washer and dryer humming all weekend long. Now this is not newsworthy, but we followed through with actually putting it all away. Tony is very good at this part....I am not so much.

All of this was accomplished while my mom was here to visit. So that was just a super bonus. She was able to watch Avery at gymnastics, and play trucks with Gavin. We went to get take-out for lunch, Tony and I got a bit of a date night, and we ran some errands. The weekend flew by and we had so much fun.

we had a glass of wine, and Avery had lemonade as we waited for our take-out. 

We also sampled Hy-Vee's new Sunday brunch. It was pretty awesome. You can eat anything you want, all you can eat, {exception of sushi} for $14. 

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