Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Holiday Inn Serengeti Water Park and Party

We spent last weekend in Minnesota for a good combination of reasons. It was my dad's birthday, and we were celebrating my extended family Christmas on my mom's side. We decided to go to the local hotel with an indoor water park for the afternoon. 

My cousin set it all up with table reservations, and our food catered in. All we had to do was show up, get our swimming suits on, and play. We took a break to snack on pizza, cupcakes, and some pop and lemonade. Avery had about the best time of her life that day. 

She got to play in the water, and we took her down the water slide with us on a tube. We went again, and again, and again. At one point, I got on the tube, she climbed on my lap, put her arms up and exclaimed "Let's Ride!"

The place is really fun. There is a zero entry area that we had Gavin in to splash around, there is a small slide for the little kids, a lazy river, a pool with a basketball hoop, and 2 large water slides. 

The day wore Gavin out, and made my mom very happy with his sleepy baby snuggles.

This was a great way to beat the everlasting snow and winter, and I would absolutely do this again. Mom even commented she wishes she would have brought her suit, since we were having so much fun. 

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