Thursday, February 6, 2014


First off, how cute are our kids?! I know, I know, every mom says this, but come on! They are adorable. We took our time getting out of the house earlier this week after a snow storm dropped 5-6" of snow on us, so Avery took it upon herself to entertain Gavin. In his crib. Gavin still looks sleepy. 

Then as we were playing that night on the floor and the kids were climbing all over us, I kept looking at our furniture and got the itch to re-arrange. Tony said, go for it...meaning "you are on your own"

So I did! I had an idea and wanted to see if I liked it. 

As I moved the couch I found copious amounts of dog hair and this:

So it turned into a bit of a cleaning session too. 

I am still getting used to it, and I am not sure how long it will stay like this, but for now it is working. 
Tony told me last night that Avery would freak out when she saw it. Our baby is a creature of habit. Sure enough, when she came downstairs this morning, she stopped dead in her tracks and said "Hey! What happened here?" She quickly got over it when she identified where the toy box/ottoman moved to.

The room does feel larger, but then again, it always does when all the toys are picked up. 

Since we moved the recliner down from the nursery, we tend to sit in them more so than the couch. We are not really loving the comfort level of the couch anymore, but then again, it is from when we had the townhouse and needed furniture for the basement. We are hoping it lasts until the kids are a bit bigger {ie: not as messy} and then we might look at a new, more comfy, differently shaped, couch.

and again in the morning light...

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