Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bridal Shower and Champagne Bar

On Saturday, my mom and I hosted a bridal shower for my cousin John's fiance Courtney. We all love her and are excited for her to officially join the family. 

We had a champagne bar and some light food for the festivities as we played some silly games and visited. 

The champagne bar was a huge hit. We had juice, fruit puree, fruit garnish and Chambord. Chambord and Champagne {Kir Royale} is one of my favorite fancy cocktails, and I enjoyed sharing the secret with my family. 

The food was delish, and we can thank my mama for that. 

Girlfriend knows how to entertain. 

Ham and roast beef sandwiches, chicken skewers, broccoli salad, fruit cups, and cheesecake or brownies for dessert. 

How do you entertain? Cater or slave away in the kitchen?

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  1. The food looks amazing! I make it all - love mixing up fun new dips and desserts to impress friends and family with! :)