Thursday, May 8, 2014

Toddler Boy; Elsa's Braid, and Shopping

How's that for a title?

this little man just climbing right up to the table to mess with the papers that I leave all over the table. {gotta get better at that!}

My mom came down for the weekend, and was joined by her sister last minute once my cousin decided to drive over from the Quad Cities. Impromptu Girls Weekend! 

My cousin Sami did Avery's shorter hair into a braid like Elsa. {Frozen for you non-parents, non-Disney loving folks}

Shopping is hard work...

My mom gave Avery some "walking around" money, so she decided to spend it on a puzzle.

Waited in line and paid for it all by herself. She has been into putting money in her piggy bank, so we have been discussing chores and how to earn that money. Unless Grandma comes to town, then she sneaks it to her from Papa.

Sami and Avery, princesses of Buffalo Wild Wings!

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