Friday, August 29, 2014

Preschool and Planning

We have a preschooler in our house!

She was so excited to start school. We have her enrolled in a Montessori program and she has been talking about school for about a month. At her school orientation, she got to see her hook for her coat and backpack, where her classroom was, and meet her teacher. She only had one question, and she wanted to know what the sink was for in the room. Her eyes lit up when she saw it because it was at her level, and girlfriend loves to help me with dishes in the sink. 

I was a bit worried about drop off and that I would start to cry and then she would start to cry and Tony would be left to deal with both of us. Thankfully none of that happened. 

I had asked her if she wanted to go in by herself, or if she wanted mom or dad to walk her to the door. After checking out the drop off situation, she chose to go in by herself. We had practiced this at her orientation open house as well, so she would feel comfortable going in alone. They encourage parents to stop at the door for a clean break, but Avery was ready to break at the truck. 

There she goes...all on her own. We are so proud of our girl. She is confident, kind, and brave. 

As we drove away to drop me off at my car so I could head into work, Gavin looked around kind of confused. I think he was a bit lost without her. It was a bit strange driving with only 3 of the 4 of us.

As I was putting all of her school schedule, parties, programs, and other dates onto our calendar, I thought that I might want to start using my old planner again. Between work, kids appointments, Tony's schedule and the school schedule, I could keep better track of everything. I loved using it at my prior job, as it was really handy to have a dedicated space for my calendars, notes, phone numbers, etc. I had gotten away from using it, and started putting everything into my phone. While Google pretty much runs my life with gmail, google calendars, my droid phone, etc, I do miss having a hard paper planner that is well thought out.

As I was going through and cleaning it out of old papers, and the old calendar, I took inventory of what inserts I would need to re-order to make it usable again. Realizing it was almost September, I came to grips with wasting most of the insert for 2014, and having to re-order again for 2015. I looked on the Franklin Covey website and about spit out my coffee realizing that it would cost me upwards of $50 get the 2014 planner pages {I prefer a 2 page per week layout, with the days going vertical from 8-8}, a new set of address/phone insert, and some more blank pages for notes. Shipping alone on the paper {!} was $8. Not going to happen. I am quite certain {theres a jertain in the curtain}  that I didn't spend half that much on the planner when it was new at Target a few years ago. Of course, Target doesn't carry the line anymore, and I am way out of season to be shopping for planners, so they are few and far between, and starting with 2015.

Well the jokes on you Franklin Covey and your overpriced planner inserts, I found that Avery {the label company, not our daughter} has the same size paper and calendars for a fraction of the price, and free shipping from Amazon. I can download the template, customize it to fit my needs for the calendar, and start with September 2014. The layout is still 2 pages per week, but a not my usual vertical layout. I can live with that until January. Especially for the cost. The are scheduled to arrive next week. Franklin Coveys $8 shipping was 10-12 business days out. Mom win!

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