Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wake me up when September ends

I am not really a huge Green Day fan, but where in the world did September go?!

We have been busy this month. My brother got married in St. Paul, and I took on a freelance project for design consultation. Tony is busy at work and spending lots of time playing with the kids. They love to tackle him and climb all over him. It's awesome to watch.

We also had our block party this past Friday night. It was so nice to meet some new neighbors, catch up with ones we don't see often, and to visit with some that have moved away, but came back for the festivities. They kids had a blast and they capped the night with an epic game of hide and seek in and around our yard.

Avery was taking a little break from bike and scooter riding.

Gavin wandered into our garage and sat in his stroller, waiting for us to find him

The gang of kids on our street.

Saturday afternoon in the park.

It's been a rough start to the week, and I could have sworn it was Wednesday for most of the morning. I accidentally burned my eyes by incorrectly using a new brand of contact lens solution. I didn't put my contacts in the case that came with it, and didn't read the directions close enough. Apparently I am not the only one as this has been a problem for a lot of contact users in the past: Eye burns linked to Clear Care contact solution

When I put my contacts in this morning, the right one burned, so I tried to put the left one in without rinsing, thinking that was the problem, and IT WAS NOT.
...and crying
...and cursing
...and more crying.
I am rocking my glasses today, and will tomorrow too.
My eyes still sting.

Then, late this morning, we get a call that Gavin fell and hit his head, and was bleeding pretty bad. So I rush back to the office from a site visit, get up to our daycare and check him out. The wound was still bleeding, so I took him to Urgent Care to have a doctor look at it.

me and my glasses loving on my hurt little boy

He was acting fine, just had an open wound on the back of his head. He couldn't be bothered with it, and did great while we waited at Urgent Care.

The nurses were so kind and playful with out little flirt, and the doctor determined that he would need 2 staples to help close the wound. They need to stay in a week, and we get to go back so they can remove them. I had staples with my first C-section, and I remember them being painful, so I hope these are better for the little guy.

Life with a little boy. He was so strong and brave. He cried very little, and announced he was "All Done" once the procedure was over.  He was ready to leave and go play. 

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