Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A baby shower for twin boys...

This past weekend, I hosted a baby shower for some good friends who are expecting twin boys!

We had brunch with an egg scramble, coffee cakes, mixed fruit and meat and cheese. We made the Pioneer Woman's Orange Crush pound cake the night before, and my lord that was good. Will be making that one again!

I had planned out some party games that got us loosened up, and interacting with each other. 

In addition to the "purse game" {where you get points for the random items in your bag},

 and the "pass the tray" game that I made up with Bower Baby favorites {where you have to try and remember each item on the tray...the most wins}

we did the frozen baby game. 

I made up ice cubes {in my mini-muffin tins} with baby's in them. You used these in your drink, and when the baby breaks free from the ice, you shout "MY WATER BROKE!"

This was a fun way to keep the entertainment going as we ate brunch and opened gifts. 

It was a great time for our friends Dan and Rochelle, and I am so happy that we were able to get them started off with some much needed baby gear!

I also held a diaper raffle, because we all know how many diapers they are going to need!

Big shout outs to my mom and BFF Ani for helping me set up, and my main hostess with the mostess, Avery for helping pass out games, and pens and generally being adorable. That is her hidden to the left with the long legs and the heels behind my mom. She had to get her party dress on, and asked if it was time for heels. Honey, it's always time for heels....

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