Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Omaha Weekend Getaway

It has become a little tradition of ours to take a quick weekend getaway around our birthdays. It is a good time to let the kids get spoiled by grandparents and us to sleep in a hotel. We couldn't have asked for a better weekend. The kids had fun stuff to do with Grandparents and we had great weather. 

After dropping off the kids at Tony's parents, and me getting my hair done at
we headed west to Omaha!

We got checked in to the hotel and went to a nearby AMC Imax theater to see Gone Girl. I had read the book and have been wanting to see the movie, and it looked suspenseful enough that Tony was interested too.

The theater was really nice. It had sets of leather chairs and a bar so you could take a cocktail into the movie with you. I might drive to Omaha each time we see a movie just because of this. 

Saturday we slept in, and took our time getting up, just because we could. I was starting to miss the kids, but I have been missing a lazy Saturday morning lounging in bed more. After a late breakfast, and watching some college football, we played a par 3 golf course near the hotel. 

Oddly enough were were the only ones on the Par 3, but more people came as we were finishing up.

My 3 clubs I carried around. I had to keep them near in case the badger we saw got rowdy. Apparently he lives under the club house and has evaded all forms of traps. Sneaky fella.

And the final score...IT should be noted that I have not golfed in at least 5 years. 

We then went to the casino where we played for a bit and found a craps table. We had to leave the party to get ready for the rest of our night. Dinner plans at Firebirds, 

and the late showing at the Funny Bone.

We may have witnessed the most awkward comedian ever, and not funny awkward. 
Unfunny awkward.

Otherwise it was such a fun night. The food was great at Firebirds, and we had so much fun, just the 2 of us. Date nights are far and few between for us now, so this was much needed. 

After staying up way past our bedtime, we headed  to Des Moines on Sunday to pick up the kids, and get back home. Since we got home around 1, everyone took a nap, and it was a clear sign we all had a great weekend!

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