Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween and our weekend recap

Cinderella and Prince Charming

We bought Avery's Cinderella dress with Halloween and an upcoming Disney World trip in mind. She loves to play dress up, and Cinderella is her favorite princess lately. 

Since Gavin has little interest in dressing up, but is now old enough to tag along on Trick or Treating, Avery selected his costume. She wanted him to be Prince Charming. After the sticker shock of the cost on toddler Prince Charming costumes, I decided to make it. I am glad I did, because I had so much fun making it and it turned out great!

White Button down shirt from Target.
Gold, white, and red cording and fringe from Jo-Ann Fabric. 
Fabric Glue.
Red pants from Target, 
and a red ribbon sash from Jo-Ann.

Each year, Tony gets to take them around the neighborhood, and I stay home to eat hand out candy. 

On Friday, our daycare took the kids around to parents workplaces so they could trick-or-treat on Halloween. My places of employment since I have been a mom have really been great about this. 

Gavin was in full on CRAZY MODE!

He got here, gave me a hug, and once I put him down, he was off! He ran around my office, down the hall, into each open office, and interrupted a meeting. He was nuts! He giggled and ran. We corralled them enough to get a picture, and then they were off to visit more parents. Avery and Gavin both cried when they had to leave, but I was assured it was short lived. 

Friday night was pizza night. This is a Bower Family Favorite, as the kids love to help me make it.

Gavin hopped right up there and grabbed my rolling pin, so I gave him a little dough to work with. He found the Gatorade bottle worked better for him. 

I got to take Avery to Gymnastics this week. Tony and I alternate, so one of us can stay home with Gavin {see previous description of him at my office...}. Each of her Grandma's has taken her the last 2 weeks, and Tony did the week before, so it has been a while since I have gotten to watch my girl in action.

She did so well! 

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