Thursday, November 13, 2014

Shopping at Target with Toddlers...

This is what happens when I ask them to smile, so I can send a picture to Daddy who is working late again.

We stopped by Target last night to get some booties I had tried on at a different Target over lunch. I had looked online and they were out of stock  in all sizes, and very limited availability in sizing for the Des Moines Metro stores. 

Luckily Ankeny had my size, and after searching high and low, we couldn't find them. I thought that maybe someone had bought them, but the shoe section was a bit of a mess, so I went to the price scanner, and paged someone. I asked them to scan in the code and see if someone had returned them, or if they were in back, since the website showed stock available earlier that day. 

They checked the dressing room, the return section, and the back with no luck. As I was getting ready to head over to the diaper aisle, one of the gals that helped me, flagged me down and had found them wrongly put away in the clearance section! 


I plan to wear them to a family wedding this weekend with a navy dress and tights. I had to text my 20 year old cousin, who is much more fashion savy than I to sign off on the outfit.

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