Thursday, February 19, 2015

Having it All

Last Friday was one of those rare days where I felt like I had it all. 

I had gotten up early and went into work for a meeting. I had scheduled the morning off, but it was the only time available for our clients to meet, so I made it work. Tony stayed with the kids a bit before taking Gavin to daycare and Avery to her Valentine's Party. I had volunteered to help, and Tony subbed for me until I got there. Avery was pretty happy both mom and dad were there. 

Tony then went on to work, and I stayed at Avery's school to help with the party. I was at a station that had the kids stamp on a cute poem for their parents. Avery got there near the end of the rotations. There were several stations set up, and it worked really well. I cannot say enough great things about Montessori, but that is another post for another day. 

After taking Avery to daycare for the afternoon, and snuggling on Gavin a bit, I headed back into work. Then I got to see my lovely friends for happy hour and catch up with the new mama of twins. We needed to bust her out of the house for a few hours. All you mama's know what I am talking about. 

It was so fun. We caught up, and laughed and shared stories. I love these girls so, so much. We chose a fairly new place downtown called RoCA for drinks and appetizers. They were fully booked for the night, but the front lounge is first come, first serve, and we were able to snag this fun couch. 

If you watch the Bachelor, it might look familiar...

It was featured on Whitney's date in Des Moines. The mural is still on the side of the building by the way...

It was just one of those rare days where I felt like I had it all. My career, being a wife and mom, and seeing my friends for a few hours. I was home by 9 that night, and able to sneak in an episode of Sirens with Tony {Great show on USA -  must watch!}. 

Of course this all worked because we have a village. 
Our school, our daycare provider whom we love, flexible jobs that understand working parents, and support between spouses. 

Not everyday is like this, and I said it was rare. I am a homebody and will rarely go out, especially if it is 3 degrees like it is currently, but every once in a while, things just work out. Friday was one of those days, and it was awesome!

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