Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mini Girls Weekend and Sleepover!

Hello there! We had quite the weekend, and I am still catching up from it. Avery and Gavin have 4 cousins from Minnesota that we do not get to see nearly enough. So we decided to invite them all down for a weekend of fun and have a sleepover. It did not disappoint.

Avery and Lexi with their babies. 

We made little gift baskets for everyone to use throughout the weekend:

We went to the  SCIENCE CENTER OF IOWA on Saturday for an event they had called 
  • Every Family Rocks! Family Music & Movement Festival. 

  • There was live music, programs, activity stations, swag bags, and superhero sightings. It was all in addition to the wonderful kids section they have on the regular. I am so glad we took the kids. They loved it and confirmed to me that we should take the kids there more often. 

Gavin loved the cave display. 

The kids got to touch a snake and turtle in the Cold Blooded Critters seminar.

Super Hero Sighting!
Avery very seriously asked what happens if they have an emergency and had to go save someone. 

Face Painting!

Practicing Spinning Plates. 
Gavin and I were already in the car so he could catch a nap.

This place was so cool!

After this we headed home for lunch and naps. 

In their gift baskets, I had found mugs that you can color on paper inside, to create a personalized drawing. It was from Dollar Tree, and the girls loved it. 

Us adults got wine sippy glasses. 
And Advil. 

The girls got quite loud at times.

Gavin and Beah did not. 

We then decided that making our own pizza's was too much work and ordered Casey's. It's always a good choice. 

Followed by a few dance routines the girls put on:

This was followed by Pitch Perfect, popcorn and ice cream. 

We all took a good long nap on Sunday to recover :)

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