Thursday, October 1, 2015

Our Weekend.

Hello! It's been a long time since I have updated the 'ol blog. 

We had a great day last Saturday. We played inside and out, we went to the park, we took naps, and we cooked dinner over the firepit. The kids were in great moods, and everyone was having the best time.

We even found the stash of sparklers from this summer. 

Sunday, Avery and I were in a cleaning mood, and I decided to tackle the front closet that we keep some of the kids toys in, our wrapping paper in, and my sewing machine in for the time being. Our basement is still under construction, so we have a bit of a mess with stuff and storage totes everywhere. 

Much Better! I feel like I can breathe again when I open the door. It was getting out of hand, fast. 

Gavin is still obsessed with trains. 

Avery is into doing cheer routines while we watch the Iowa State football games. She is more entertaining than the team is sometimes. We are taking her to the game this weekend, and I hope she enjoys it!

Gavin is really starting to talk now. Lots of "Mom {or Dad}, watch this!" as he jumps off of something. He now calls out "Mom, where are you?" and I melt each time. Little boys man, they are so...sweet, but exhausting, but sweet, but tiring. All in the best way possible. 

Basement Progress: Doors, baseboards, and casing has been delivered. Cabinets show up tomorrow, and hopefully a trim crew in a week or so to install and set it all. 


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