Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Miller Park

This past weekend, we took a little trip to Milwaukee. We try to go once a year to see the Brewers play, as Tony is a big fan. This year, we had an extra special reason...

Bernie Brewer & Tony

 A few years ago, as we were watching a Brewers game, Tony told me that for his 30th birthday, he wanted to go down the slide at Miller Park. I filed that away, and started to look into it. In the spring of 2010, I started to do some research, and contacted the Brewers organization about some kind of package deal, with ballpark tour, tickets, etc. I was informed that there was no option to go down the slide, as it was a liability concern, but thanks for asking.

Not one to give up, and not one to deal with Tony {I would never hear the end of it} if I didn't make this happen, I tried again. I sent an email again to the organization that runs the stadium tours, and suggested that if we bought tickets and a tour, could we also sign some kind of waiver, and pay an extra fee to go down the slide?  I was told yet again, that they do not offer such a package, but thanks for being a fan.

Fast forward to Spring 2011, and I get an email. Tony had seen on the Brewers website that a lucky winner of season ticket holders would get to go down the slide in a special fan experience they were now offering.

Hold the phone! wait...what? They were now offering the fan experience I had hoped to give Tony for his birthday? hhhmmm, sounds like someone {cough...Bernie Brewer...} liked my idea.

I contacted the Brewers once again. And being the subtle person I am, I forwarded my original email to them, and mentioned that I see they now offer a stadium tour, ticket package that includes going down Bernie's slide and photo ops with Bernie.

I was told what dates were still available, and that they would be delighted to sell me this fan experience. SOLD!

So, like I said, we took a little trip to Milwaukee this past weekend to catch a Brewer's game, and....

 to go down Bernie's Slide! 

Miller Park Slide

The tour started 3 hours before game time, so that we could go out on the field, see the stadium workings, and go down the slide a few times. We were also given Club seats, and $25 each in stadium bucks for food, merchandise, and drinks. Go HERE to see more details.

We went with our friends Jared and Nina. Tony converted Jared to a Brewers fan after their engagement party 3 or 4 years ago, and this is the 2nd trip we have made up to Milwaukee for a game with them. Always a good time.

We got to go out on to the field to walk around a little bit, then made our way around the outfield, but inside the park.  We got to see both locker rooms {from the outside}, the interview rooms, the batting cages, and beer. Lots of kegs of beer. 

MIller Park Brewers Clubhouse


Then we got to go out on the field again, this time in left field. 

After this we made our way up to the club level. This is where access is to the slide platform. 

Here is where Tony was getting really, really excited, and I was starting to get really, really nervous. That slide is high, really really high.

Bernie's Slide

So we take some pictures, and get ready to climb the very steep steps up to the top of the slide. As I get ready, I see Bernie Brewer come out and he climbs up the steps behind me {file that in something I never thought I would say}

Bernie shows us how it is done, and it's go time. 

I am not gonna lie, it was "catchyourbreathohmygodohmygod" fun! After sitting on the top of the slide, and looking out and down, you just had to go for it.

We each went down about 3 times, and got to take pictures with Bernie Brewer, and of the view.

I messed up the timing of the W O W face. 

It was such a fun time, and the weather could not have been more perfect. We actually got hot up on the slide and landing area. We finished up, and went down to the merchandise area to get Avery some Brewers gear, get some food, and make our way to our seats. 

The game was great {Brewers Win! Multiple Home Runs!}, and we were entertained by the morons sitting in front of us. One girl fulfilled multiple stereotypes, and even clapped when her team flied out, because she just wasn't paying attention. This was after she looked straight at Tony and mouthed "the cubs are gonna win". She didn't speak it, she mouthed it. It was weird. She was weird. 

Capping our night was a stop at SAFE HOUSE, and back to our hotel. The end to a very fun weekend.