Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Favorites!

We've been binge watching an episode or two most nights for the last few months of West Wing. The politics and alternate universe where Jed Bartlet is our president is much more palatable than the current climate. 

Obama - Biden Forever!


This is Us

This is just the best show. It's back on after the holiday break and it keeps getting better! #TeamRandallAndBeth



This new to me cookbook is pretty amazing. It has healthy food and meal ideas that I know my family will eat. There are quite a few recipes that use a pressure cooker, which is next on our kitchen wish list. Anyone have a model they love? Some friends of ours got one over the holidays and are raving about it. 

This is a new favorite from the author, that I found on her website.


Puzzles! We got this at Christmas to do as a family, and we promptly bought 3 more on Amazon to do as we finished this one in about a week. 

Thank goodness we have a new scheduled activity for the kids on the weekend this winter. Getting out of the house so they can run, jump, climb and burn all that energy is better for everyone in our house!

Just Dance videos also help. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


 Hello, It's me again, your host to this space, Danielle.

I've been neglecting this space, and true to form, I will start the new year on a new foot and try to keep this thing updated. We had a good year for our little family. I know 2016 was rough for a lot of people in a lot of ways, and while things are never perfect for any of us, we were pretty blessed this past year. We worked hard, We got Avery started in kindergarten, Gavin into Montessori preschool, and continue to improve on our home/yard. {kitchen photo is not our home, it's a work photo}

Speaking of improving our home, I am currently working on getting some areas of our home finished. I have decided to work on getting the lower level all 'done'. The guest room is up first, and I am using what I have, trying to get creative, and funding it with Christmas gift cards from Target, Container Store, and Home Goods. 

This is what it currently looks like, and while we use it as a guest room, we also keep the treadmill in there, and have a desk set up for my sewing and craft area. So it is a hard working room, and I would like it to be as pretty as it is functional. 

I'll try to keep this updated, but no promises!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Catching Up

We've been busy bees around Casa Bower.

 We attended a family wedding at West End Salvage

I am obsessed with these crystal light fixtures, and covet one for our home. 

We took a quick trip to Vegas for Tony's birthday. 

And saw Cirque de Soliel Beatles Love once again. 


The weather has been fantastic, so we were carving pumpkins Halloween weekend in tank tops while it was 75 degrees. 

I took the kids out trick or treating this year while Tony handed out candy, so I dressed in an old costume I still had of Marge Simpson. Avery was a Witch, and Gavin was a Minion.

I went to Galena IL for a quick weekend getaway, and tasted some wine while I was at it. 

This little Jelly Bean is turning into quite the mini me, and I love it. We went out to dinner on Saturday night, and she was carrying around the old cell phone we let her play with, packed her purse, and did her hair like me. The jean jacket on her is killing me. I cannot believe she will be 6 this week. 

And last but not least, we got this guy's school pictures back, and doesn't he look ornery?! 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Center Grove Apple Orchard

We took the kids to the Apple Orchard on Sunday afternoon. It was gorgeous out, low 70's with a breeze. We had been invited to join a group so we thought it was as good of time as any to go. 

See?! Gorgeous! 

The kids really enjoyed the corn pool, hay rack ride, and the bounce pillows. I think the big slide was the favorite though. 

My people...always on the run!

It was a great day. 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Tile Shower

We are slowly but surely finishing up the basement bath by finally getting the shower installed. We had the tile floor for the bath itself done back in March so that we could get the vanity and stool set. 

Then it sat like this for a few months as we waited for our tile setter {he was booked solid this summer, and we were willing to wait for him. He does great work, and is reasonably priced. That is hard to find in any trade work these days.} 

Then, just as we were calming down from the frenzy of the renovation we did to our second investment property in Ames, we scheduled the shower to get started in our own home. 

First, he poured the shower pan and installed the durock on the walls. He came back after the weekend to waterproof with the black tar like membrane. 

After Labor Day weekend, he was back with our tile and got started on the install. 

We decided to take the large format tile in a vertical pattern to the ceiling with a simple decorative band of a glass and stone mosaic. 
{I was design paralyzed with this for a while. Had it been a clients home, I could have come up with a beautiful design and been pleased. In our own home, I have developed Design Paralysis... in all the rooms of our home, the struggle is real}

All the tile in and complete and ready for grout. 

All grouted and ready for the faucet and shower door! Avery loves it. 

I've got a few things left to do in here before it's all done. We have a nook that we are going to build a shelf box into for storage

and then I can finish paint touch ups, give it a really good clean, and nail down the finishing touches of some towels, artwork, and possibly a rug. 

It will be hands down the nicest bath in our home that is in the least used part of our home. We love having our lower level finished, so it's worth it.