Thursday, March 31, 2016

Work Life Lately

Here are few photos of projects that I have wrapped up in recent months. They were a lot of hard work, but as the photos show, it was worth it. 

Stone fireplaces are always a good idea. 

This is a traditional home with touches of whimsy. I adored this homeowner, so much so that I would talk with her for hours about topics other than her home. 

Touch of whimsy. Fuscia fireplace.

This is the latest model home we have. Our team staged it with our available inventory of furniture, and it has been featured in the Des Moines Register. It's for sale!

This is another home for sale. I am especially pleased that my stone behind the shelves idea has turned out well. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Basement Progress

We have partially finished the basement bath, just in time for March Madness. We knew we would be having friends over to watch the games, and to cheer on our Cyclones, so we wanted to have at least a stool installed. First we had to get some tile down. I selected a favorite tile that I use often at work, and hired our installer. 

We had the tile installed on a Saturday, and the stool and vanity cabinet installed on Wednesday. 

Just in time. We modified the basement so that the guys could watch 3-4 games at the same time. 

With the Cyclones bowing out in the Sweet 16, we mostly have our basement put back together. We are going to keep working on the bath, slowly but surely. Next up, vanity light fixture and mirror. Hopefully the built in storage unit and tile shower aren't too far behind. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Friday Favorites {on a Tuesday because I am so not prompt...}

This night cream is incredible. I have started to use it exclusively at night after washing my face, and I have noticed that my skin has cleared up, it is less oily, and my overall complexion has gotten better. Thank goodness I have samples of this pricey cream, but so far it's been worth it. 

I am currently obsessed with this show on FX. I was pretty into the OJ trial in high school, and an old high school friend was really into it, even taping it on the VCR each day, he still has the tapes too. I am also reading the Jeffrey Toobin book 'The Run of His Life', and it is great insight into the trial and the key players on the defense and prosecution teams. 


My college roommate recently went to work for Texture and sent me a link for a free trial. I am LOVING it. I put the app on my Kindle Fire


It essentially subscribes you to all magazines. There are 2 ways to subscribe and the upgraded version will allow you to search back issues. I recently used it to search for recipes in food magazines, and to read older design articles. I have been really impressed with it, and I love that it will allow me to keep up with the magazines that I have not subscribed to recently. 

Here is a referral link to get you started:

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Weekly Dispatch

I parked near the sculpture park last Friday night on my way to dinner with the girls. It was so beautiful all lit up with the Des Moines skyline in the back. We should really bring the kids down here for a walk when it gets nice. 

We've been busy around here. We played outside most of last weekend since the weather was so nice, and then Avery and I got dressed up to watch the Oscars.

We had a nice cheese platter and some wine and ginger ale for our girl. She loved looking at all the pretty dresses on the red carpet. 

It's now time to start on the basement bath, now that we have the other parts mostly put together. I think this will be our tile combo for the walk in shower.

 I haven't shared our finished basement on here yet, as it is not "done" yet, so I will wait until we have it like we envisioned, then share :)

I will share this cutie, because look at him!