Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lazy Boys' and Baby Gates

Hello! Sorry for the long delay in blogging. Life has been busy and full. We are blessed to have this problem. 

We have been busy with family, chasing after Avery, who is now walking, and work. 

This is my dad. If you know my dad, you can appreciate these pictures. 

After Tony and his dad left to go to the Iowa State's basketball game vs. Kansas {we won! we won!}
I lent my dad one of Tony's lightweight, ISU sweatshirts to wear. I tried to take his picture to sent to Tony, but this was all I got. Dad wouldn't let me because "Otherwise Tony wins!"

Yeah, I don't get it either, but it was pretty funny!

So while Tony was at the game, I took my parents to Homemakers, the enormous furniture store, so my dad could look at new recliners. 

Avery stole some of her Papa's cookie while we took a shopping break. 

She was also listening intently to the hard sell from the salesman. 

We installed the gate at the bottom of our staircase on Sunday. We had been using the ottoman to block the steps until we could decide on a gate that would work with our stair set up. She was quickly figuring out her way around it though. 

I think this face says it all...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pretty things from my working world

Pretty blue walls. Pretty sconces. Pretty chandelier.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


So...what do you think of the new layout? I was feeling the need for a change, and was sick of looking at my frizzy hair in the last Casa Bower title.

As you all should know by now, I have a new job. This is my snazzy new office. I took this picture on my first day and sent it to Tony and my mom. I have to admit, I feel very professional having an actual office. The large desk space, storage space, and windows are nice too.

I was put right to work. Here is a backsplash idea going together for a homeowner.

A model home basement that I am working on freshening up.

Should this lamp stay or go? I will have to decide. 

That is all I have for now. Be back soon with more updates...

Monday, January 16, 2012

We took to the sled.

There was juuuust enough snow on the ground Saturday to break out the snowsuit and sled for a little fun. 

Avery quickly got the hang of it, and LOVED it. She was all smiles and scooting back and forth to let us know she wanted to go, and she wanted to go faster!

Of course the 50 degree temp on Sunday took care of that snow right quick. Alas, there is no more to be found, and we are looking at another warm weekend in the forecast...not that I am complaining. 

We got back inside just in time to watch the Iowa State basketball game. 

We did lots more this weekend, I just didn't get photos of it. Sometimes I feel weird rambling on about our life and what we did, if I can't use photos to accompany the story or to help tell the story. 

In other, more exciting news, Avery is starting to walk! She is a little stinker who prefers to speed crawl. She is getting more and more steady on her feet and will walk a good 5-10 feet between items. We have been pleasantly surprised the last few days on her progress and it is sporadic at best to when it happens, hence, no photographic proof. Maybe next weekend....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nothing to see here...

Look at those little legs!

No mommy, nothing to see here!
Move along now...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 Year in Review

Well, we had quite a year. Our first full year as parents, surviving returning to the workplace after being on maternity leave for 3 months, and lots of other fun that we had.

Here is a quick recap in mostly photos, and a few notes.


We had a lot of snow, a lot of it. 

Avery and I made a trip to MN to see family. 

My mom came down for a long weekend, right before I went back to work in Feb.


My first day back at work. That was emotional. 

My brother Mike and his daughter Livia came down for a visit. 

Valentine's Day!

March: This blog was founded. 

The weather turned nice and we took to the outdoors for some fresh air. 

Tony celebrated the opening weekend of March Madness with his guys
{shockingly, there is no photo evidence}

We went to MN to see family.

and celebrate Grandma and Grandpa Olbrich

Tony's cousin Amy had a baby shower and we got to spend some time with the ladies. 

We held our annual Peek-A-Boo weekend. 


Mom came down and we visited the Jasper Winery. 

We celebrated the Royal Wedding of Will and Kate with hats and cake.

We started to do some more landscaping around the house. Well, Tony did. 

Tony started his softball league. 


We celebrated Mother's Day.

and our niece's 7th, 3rd, and 2nd birthdays!

I went to Galena IL with my mom and some cousins to celebrate her 50th Birthday!

I got a new camera for an anniversary/birthday gift. 

Had family photo's taken

and spent time around the pool for Memorial Day. 


I turned 30. 

Went out to dinner with some friends. 

We went on vacation to NYC and Boston.

and celebrated some friends wedding. 
Here is the ISU crew, almost 10 years later, and still great friends. 


spent the 4th of July around the pool. 

and some time on my parents farm. 

We also went to Adventureland. 


Avery attended her first baseball game. 

and the Iowa State Fair. 

We also went to Milwaukee with friends and hung out with Bernie Brewer.

He even let us go down his slide. 


We took Avery to her first Iowa State Football game. She had a lot of fun.

I also attended a tailgate with the most interesting man in the world...

Avery discovered how to climb into her toybox, and cheer on the Brewers all at the same time. 

Books quickly became her favorite "toy"


We visited the Apple Orchard.

Deer invaded our backyard and set up camp for several weeks at night. 

A quick reminder of how much changed in the last year. 

and Avery visited me at work to trick or treat. 

Avery wishes Tony a happy birthday by getting all the tupperware out. 


Avery turned 1!

Iowa State beat #2 ranked OK State in 2OT.
{we had free tickets and didn't go...}

We started to see the resemblance of Avery and me at a young age.

We celebrate Thanksgiving and are grateful for our little toddler. 


A pipe burst and our kitchen flooded.

and we had to replace all the hardwood in the house.

We finally got our holiday decorations up about a week before Christmas. 

We spent some time in MN with family and Santa!

and in Iowa with more family. 

My mom also came down for a few days around New Year's Eve and started to teach Avery how to sew. 

In other news, I also quit my job at the beginning of December. After some consideration, I started to look for a new position a few months ago that would offer better hours and benefits. I found a great job as design coordinator for a builder and developer in Des Moines. I started after the first of the year, after taking some time off around the holidays to travel and spend some time home with Avery and visiting family. So far, so good....