Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm Behind

Forgive me, but these photo's are over a week old. I am just now catching up. 

We went to MN over Mother's Day weekend to see family, celebrate our niece's birthdays, have Tony attend a bachelor party, and so I could see my momma on Mother's Day. 

Avery and Grandma Carrie

The birthday party was a Princess Ball. Avery is in her ballgown. 

Avery and Uncle Mike!
The Birthday Princess'! {Lexi :: 3 and Jade :: 4}

Avery really enjoyed being around the other kids, and playing the games. 

This is Avery and her PaPa. She says "PaPa!" about 874 times a day. She runs to the computer each day so that they can Skype. She doesn't quite understand that he is not always on the other end waiting for her call. They adore each other. She leans into the monitor to give him kisses, and then puts her feet up so he can smell her "tinky" * feet!

{* Stinky...for those of you who don't speak Avery}

On Sunday morning, Avery got to ride with her cousin Livia to check out Grandma and Papa's trees. There are some bird houses that Livia wanted to check on. 

Avery loved it! She could have rode around all day long. 

Livia did great with Avery too. She drove cautiously, and made sure Avery kept her little seat belt on. 

So that was a little bit of what we did that weekend. 

I also got to enjoy some Ginny's! The local drive in that hits the spot every time I visit in the summer. I used to order that at least 3x a week when I would work at the pool and had an hour to kill in between open swim, swimming lessons, and my other job. Ah, Ginny's, greasy burgers at their best. 

So what else did everyone do for Mother's Day weekend?

Thursday, May 17, 2012


 Four years ago today, I married my best friend. 

Dad walking his only daughter down the aisle.

So Happy

I was being a goof, and this turned into one of our favorite pictures.

In the Limo after the ceremony

Best. Speech. Ever.


Maybe tomorrow I will share about our honeymoon. We went to Cabo. 

Happy Anniversary!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sewing with Grandma

My mom came to visit last weekend, and we had a lot of sewing projects to accomplish. Mom made Avery this little hooded towel, and Avery love it. She wore it around like a little cape. 

We also put some blackout liner on Avery's curtains. The room with the blinds closed mid-day still lets a good amount of light in, and with the sunrise getting earlier and earlier, Saturday mornings are a battle on who gets up with Avery. 

1 panel done, and you could already see a difference. 

As Avery would say "alldone!"

Thanks Mom, you are always the best house guest, and Tony and I miss you when you leave. 
Come back soon!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Green Thumb

We did some more planting this past weekend. After a trip to our local Earl May nursery, we chose some dwarf lilac plants, and some 'gold splash' shrubs. 

We started on Saturday when Avery went down for her nap, but when we planted the rest on Sunday, she wanted to help.

She made the task much more fun. 

She helped daddy with the tape measure. 

She loves to be outside. We hear it constantly "oussside!" She has a little red wagon she inherited from our neighbor girls and she LOVES* that thing. She calls it her 'Weee'. She is happiest with her sippy, a toy or two, and one of us pulling her along. We look back and she has her little feet propped up like she is a little princess or something. 

She is quite the character. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Time needs to slow down

When did our girl get so big? We can put her hair into a little ponytail now. 

She is sassy to boot, always bossing everyone around ;)

Always on the move.

I swear, I think time needs to slow down a bit :)