Monday, April 29, 2013

Photoshoot Outtakes

I took some pictures of Gavin this morning for his 4 month shot on his blog page {see GAVIN above}. Yes, it would have been easier if I had done this on Sunday 4/21, when I was home all day, or even this past weekend. But, no, I choose to do things the hard way and on a Monday morning before work.

Things didn't go as planned...

I didn't have time to put him in a white onesie that I had been using. NBD, he looks cute here. 

I used his crib as background rather than our standard baby blanket....he looks like he standing on it. 

I thought I should just throw down the blanket and get a quick picture, or else, his 5 month will be here before I know it. 

Avery wants to know what I am doing, and has selective hearing when I ask her to keep off the blanket, and sit down near the door. She falls on top of Gavin soon after this...there is a crying baby and a sharp reprimand by me. Avery starts to pout and genuinely apologizes to Gavin after we talk with her. 

Ah, finally got a good one. Even if it does break the normal format. A cute baby is a cute baby.

And then, Avery runs to her room, grabs one of her baby blankets, and starts to pose. We had told her that we did this for her when she was Baby Avery, and she wanted to do it again. 

Avery Dawn: 29.5 months!

 Baby pictures, time spent potty training Avery, and general madness around the house. After all this, I was only 15 min late to work. I consider it a successful Monday morning.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Dear Gavin, you have infant allergies...

Dear Gavin,
You are now 4 months old, and we are so totally in love with you. I call you my little love bug. You are always happy, always smiling, and always on my mind.

Lately though, you have been a little under the weather, stuffed up, and not sleeping well. After your fairly major scare when you were 6 weeks old, and admitted to the hospital in critical condition with can say that your mama was a bit concerned.

Turns out your doctor believes you have allergies, and you have your mama to thank for that. I feel for you my little love bug, but unfortunately you can't take my Claritin, and most studies say that you need to be at least 6 months before we can start you on some kind of allergy meds. Your sister takes them every night, but there is nothing we can do for you about it right now.  We will try to keep your airways clear of the yucky mucous, and  keep you in an upright position while sleeping and playing so you don't get too congested.

This pollen count map might explain why the last week has been tough on you. Next week doesn't look any better.

I hate that you are feeling so yucky. I hate that I passed on my genetic makeup to be allergic, especially at such a young age. I hate that no one in our house is getting a good night's sleep, and we are all cranky. I am on looking into sleepers that will keep you elevated and safe so that we can all get some sleep.

I want you to know this is not your fault and there is nothing you can do about it. Even though you look tired all the time because your eyes are red and itchy, you are still a happy baby, and smile at me when I talk to you. You talk right back to me...telling me all about your day. It makes those 2-3 times a night when I am up with you worth it. We just want you to be comfortable.

The next couple of weeks are going to be rough Love Bug. But you have shown us you are tough. We will get through it together, and hopefully in better moods. After all, I dare anyone not to smile when they see this...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bounce House Birthday Party

A few weeks ago, Avery was invited to a birthday party for our neighbor, Parker. There is an indoor bounce house and playground called  THE PLAYGROUND, in Ankeny, and it is safe to say Avery loved it. 

They hadd bubble machines that went off every so often....

There were activities for each age level

The slides were easily her favorite.

I think this will be a good place for us to bring her when it is a rainy day, or next winter to burn some energy. She got going so fast at one point, she fell and gave her chin a rug burn. After just a few seconds of crying, she was running again to the next slide. 

We all had fun, even though we were the only parents who stayed with their kid. Our neighbor told us we were welcome to leave, go get dinner, and come back later, like the other parents, but we thought Avery might not be up for that quite yet. She knows our neighbors well, but not many of the other kids. We forget sometimes that she is only 2. {she acts 12 most days}

Thursday, April 18, 2013

March Madness

Each year, the first weekend of March Madness, Tony gets together with the guys, they watch the games, gamble with each other, drink beer, and do general guy/sports stuff. It is his favorite time of year, and I love that. Each of us needs some time to just relax and not chase after toddlers, mix bottles, and change diapers.

Gavin in his sporty gear, ready to watch basketball with his Daddy.

Since we now have 2 small children, I called in for backup to help with the kids. Our daycare was closed that Thursday afternoon and Friday, so I needed asked for some help. Enter the Grandmas. My mom, and my dad's mom, Grandma Melba came down for the weekend. 

We had a blast. My Mom and Grandma got some quality time with the kids while I was back at work, and the kids got a little spoiled. Truth be told, so did I. My Mom lets me sleep in. 

We ate take-out, played, and read a lot of books. Avery wore her Grandma's out. 

I also had a hair appointment scheduled for that weekend. I was tired of it taking FOREVER to dry and style my hair in the mornings, and Gavin kept getting fist fulls of it each day. So I got the mom cut. I cut 8-10 inches off. At first I was not happy, but once I styled it a few times, and saw how easy and fast it was, I became a fan. 

So what do you think?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Fever

I have got spring fever in a major way! Major!

Baseball season has started, the days are getting warmer and longer, and we are itching to get outside and work on some landscaping. We have a few ideas up our sleeves on the next project we want to do to the yard.

planting more hostas in our yard
I would love to do this to our deck...but I think it will have to wait.

It also got me thinking about the greatest 4 week stretch of the year. Mothers Day, our anniversary, and my birthday! A trifecta of gift occasions, which of course I love. 

Here is a spring "wish list" if you will. 

Clematis flowers. I want to plant some below our deck to climb. 

This Double Stroller

I want some houseplants. In the Living Room, Master Bedroom and maybe Kitchen.

To assemble and paint these nightstand/dressers. I have them in our basement ready to go, just need the time to do it, and to decide if I want to paint them all 1 color or do a combo stain/paint.

Shelves. I want shelves in our garage next to the door, to be more organized.

This cute jean jacket. 
Some cute accessories to punch up my wardrobe

Anyone else have a spring wish list? 

Spring fever? 



and now I am off topic. 


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Avery's favorite things :: Toddler Edition

Here are a few things that Avery seems to be in love with it's 

Avery's favorite things Spring Edition!

Her Pottery Barn Red Retro Kitchen:
{The story on how she got that's a good one.}

She makes us meals weekly. 

{we like the Melissa and Doug brand}
The Lumineers. 
Yes, really, the band, The Lumineers
{I started singing Hey Ho to her months ago, it became our song, Tony got us the CD to listen to in the car, and we watch the recorded SNL performances almost daily. She sings and dances along. Adorable}

Her "videos" on Tony's Kindle
{we let her watch educational children's videos on youtube...with our supervision. Tea Time with Tayla is a favorite.}

Pink Pop and Fish Candy
{a girl after my own heart. This is her treat after she has nap}

The Library
{This place is her favorite...a train table, coloring stations, puzzle stations, children's computers, and best of all...BOOKS. Our girl LOVES books.}

I would do a post on what Gavin's favorite things are, but let's face it. He is 3 months old and likes what typical baby boys do. Eat, sleep, and poop. In that order. He also loves to hear his sister's voice, snuggling with Mommy, and watching sports with Daddy. 

He is also a future hipster...