Thursday, August 15, 2013


Lately life around Casa Bower has been busy.  A few weeks ago, my mom came for a long weekend to play with the babies. She can't go but a few weeks without seeing them, and now Avery asks every weekend if we are going to Minnesota or when Grandma is coming. 

The downtown Des Moines Farmers Market on Saturday mornings is quite the to-do. It draws an average of 25,000 people. We met up with some friends, browsed, bought some produce, and ate the delicious breakfast burritos.

This picture melts my heart, so, so much.

Then we got tired, figured the kids could use a break, and we found a patio to have some bloody marys. 

 Once we got back home, and after everyone took a nap, we had our neighbors over to hang out and grill out. The girls painted a banner on the deck while we visited. 

The next morning, mom got up with the babies, so Tony and I could sleep in. Then Avery brought us breakfast in bed. She and mom had made homemade doughnut holes. 

 Our nephews birthday party that weekend featured a Ninja Turtle theme and a bounce house. Needless to say, Avery was a fan. She joined her Grandpa in the bounce house before the 'big kids' bounced.

CSI: Casa Bower. My mom was entertaining Avery with the chalk. We even got Gavin in on the action. 

Tony has been working on landscape wall in the back yard. He and Avery do this together and it it turning out really nice looking. 
Clearly we need all the rain we can get in Central Iowa

Avery with her 'work shoes' on and hammering away. She takes her job very seriously.

Daycare was closed this past Friday, so I was home with the kids. I let Avery take a bath in the big tub, complete with bubbles and the jets. We wanted to start our day out fancy. We followed that up by doing our nails. Gavin napped, otherwise his toes might have been painted blue.

The Ankeny Library is awesome. Avery loves the train table, the lego table and all the puzzles. I love that it is free. Gavin and I hung out on the bench while I fielded work calls and emails, and Avery worked on some puzzles. 

We used the Moby wrap all day. 

We also tested out the new carts at Target. I Instagrammed this photo and called it the minivan of Target carts. Avery was making Gavin giggle. Something that only she can do. Neither Tony nor I can get the belly laugh out of him like Avery can. They adore each other. 

Saturday I started to work on organizing the basement a bit. I have phases of plans for the space. First to make it more functional as-is...meaning staying unfinished and free. Then I am dreaming of the finished space with guest room, toy/craft area, and media center. Complete with a 3/4 bath, and walk in shower. Oh, I have plans :)

I did make some progress, so I will get some pictures to update you all...{as if you really care }

Avery and I then took our act outside to wash our cars. We cleaned out the inside of mine, and then we went to work on washing the outside of both of ours. She is so darn cute...

So friends, that is a little of what we have been up to lately. I don't blog as regularly as I used to. I just don't have the time. What free time I do have, I usually try to play with the kids, chase Tony around the house, or try to keep up with housework {which is a whole 'nother mom is awesome. The woman comes to visit, gets here early, and cleans my whole house, and then spends the weekend doing laundry. She knows how hard it can be working full time with 2 small kids, so she comes to spoil all of us, Tony and myself included. WE LOVE IT!}

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Caption: Kids gone Wild

I was going through my pictures, and noticed that when I don't get the kids at their best...they look kind of funny. I thought it might be fun to put 'alternate' captions on each.

What? At least it's not a tuxedo t-shirt.

Oh, Mom....

I don't think she noticed I am here...

Whoo said that?

I need a fountain pop and a greasy cheeseburger stat...

{sigh...} he is jumping over me again.

Oh goody...more people who don't know the difference between a kangaroo and a wallaby. I am so over it.

"Hold me up you think Mom noticed I'm drunk?"

Monday, August 5, 2013

learning to ride a bike

At the beginning of summer, our very kind and generous neighbors asked if we wanted their girls' old bike for Avery. It needed some training wheels, but their girls had outgrown it, and it was still in great condition. We snapped it right up. We took it to our local BIKE WORLD to get fitted for some training wheels, and to get Avery a helmet.

as you can see, the grass is still very green, so this was at the beginning of summer...

she is getting be really good at it, and only wants minimal help anymore.

Where did our little toddler go?