Monday, September 23, 2013

Block Party

We had our annual block party last week. We do it the Friday night before the Iowa State/Iowa game. It is nice to be able to visit with neighbors, and let the kids run amok. Avery got to ride her bike with the big kids, so the night was automatically a hit.

We wore our Cyclone gear, but that was not enough for our team to produce an effective offense at the game the next day. {grrrr}

Ella photoboming!

Gavin flirted with all the ladies. He is such a ladies man!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Working Mom update...

Things are getting easier, and even though we are still tired all the time, I am happier.

The kids and I escaped to MN about a month ago for some R&R...I was missing my mom, and wanted some girl time with my aunt and cousin too. 

We had a good chat, and even though it wasn't long enough (it never is!), it was soooo good to hang with my ladies. Much needed family/girl time. I missed our annual girls weekend this year because Gavin was so sick and in the hospital for a week with RSV, so this was a small substitute. 

Work is busier than ever, and the kids are keeping us on our toes, but I have settled in nicely. I may be saying this because I spent all last weekend cleaning the house, so I feel good about keeping up with everything. I said no to plans with a few friends, but that is ok. It is ok to say no every once in a while, and that meant that I was able to get some stuff done that just makes me feel better.  A clean house and getting all the laundry done AND put away does that for me. It is my love language. If you don't know what that means, google book I have ever read, and totally makes sense. (Mine is acts of service and words of affirmation. Tony's is quality time.) 

Just a few of the many houses I am currently working on. The market picked up in Des Moines. 

Our little man. 

Avery went grocery shopping with me and had her own cart. She melted my heart with how serious she took her job to help me get groceries. 

She has been extra adorable lately. 

She told me she was fabulous. While in the tub listing off letters and numbers. 

Me: I love you
Avery: I love you most 
Me: (heart melting) 

She is so incredibly sweet with Gavin. 

Her current favorite song is Tony and my wedding song. She sings along, in her sweet little voice...(heart melting)

And Gavin...oh man. A past client once told me that there is something about having a son, a little boy, especially after having a girl first. She was so spot on.

 Our little man is so much fun! Granted he is still not sleeping through the night at 9 months, and is teething, so things are a bit rough. However, he is such a happy and loving baby. Our baby gives me baby fever, if that makes sense? I am crazy. I realize that. We might be done...we might not be done. We really don't know. 

To be continued. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Baby Dating

We were with friends place recently to celebrate their daughters first birthday {Shout out Gwen!}

Gavin decided he needed to impress our friend's little 5 month old Sloan.

"MOM! You are embarrassing me!"

"So, can I buy you a bottle?"

"Don't mind her, she is just my do you go to daycare around here?"

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Iowa State Fair!

Avery told us the first thing she wanted to do was get her face painted. We asked if she wanted to go to the Iowa State booth and have Cy painted on her face...she was excited. We might only be able to get away with that this year.

The weather was gorgeous this year. We went late afternoon and it was not crowded yet, and a cool breeze could be felt...not your typical Iowa State Fair weather.

We let Avery do down the big slide as her "ride". Tony wouldn't even consider letting me take her down until he got to go down with her first. Safe to say, she absolutely loved it, so I got to take her down once more.

Then there's this guy. He could not have been better, or more happy. Just hanging out, looking around, smiling and cooing, and of course, doing his flirt with the ladies!

All animals...all the time.

It was such a fun little outing. The kids did great, we all had fun, and we were home and in bed by 9!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

Ah, what babies we were! 

10 years ago this summer, and I was just back from Italy, and Tony was getting ready to start his 'super' senior year at ISU. 

A year from then we would move in together, and 4 years later get married.