Thursday, January 22, 2015

Random Thoughts

While at Home Depot recently to select some mirrors for a home, I saw this 36" vanity. I think it is perfect for our basement bath when the time comes. I like that it has drawers and is on feet. The price is right too. 

I have been working on a spec home that is turning out really nice. I like the way we took this one...

This master bath in a custom home we are wrapping up soon turned out really nice. I especially like the slipper claw foot tub with large picture window. 

We have been busy this month. Working on relaxing and stuff around the house. We have set some goals for the year and we are off to a great start. 

Now a few questions: 
Does anyone have a fitbit? 
what do you think of it, and what model do you have? 
I carry my phone with me a lot, but it does not work well as a pedometer for me. 

If you were going to treat yourself to new boots, would you go with 
Option A:

or Option B:

I am leaning toward option B, but let me know your thoughts!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Delayed Christmas

We delayed Christmas on my side of the family this year so that we could be sure to all be together at once. 

This is Avery and her cousins playing "wedding" where one of them throws fake flowers for the others to catch.

Santa with the grandkids. Grandma pulled some strings with the North Pole to have him visit after the new year. 

Gavin and Santa deep in conversation. Gavin was pretty interested in him.

Avery got a grown up tea set that she has not stopped talking about since...