Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mall of America Nickelodeon Universe

After our American Girl Bistro Lunch, we headed to the center of the Mall of America. Also known as Nickelodeon Universe. It's come a long way from it's days as Camp Snoopy from my youth. We had the girls chill, while we figured the best way to purchase wristbands with points, so we could ride. $42 for an all day pass seemed excessive, especially since we were unsure how the girls would take to the rides, how long we would be there, and it was a lot of money. We saw that they had a 'Birthday Package' where we would buy 7 tickets {there were 7 of us with mom} and you get the 8th for free, 3 hours of unlimited rides, and a silly cup that was refillable. Seemed like a steal. Mom and Breanna kept the kids while I procured our tickets. Then I sold the free 8th ticket to a young family waiting in line #hustle

The Dora Ferris Wheel was the first ride, and we waved down to Breanna and Beah who were on the Carousel. 

Next up was the Bubble Guppy spinner ride. It was a blast, and I sent a photo of it to Tony to show him how much Gavin would have loved this. Another trip up for us with the kids is for sure going to happen.

We got our cart spinning! I had to calm it down, my tummy is not what it was 20 years ago...

Diego's Bus Ride!

Grandma took her girls on the small boxcar coaster. It was something everyone could ride and agree on. Avery, Jade and myself hit up some of the larger rides like the Orange Streak roller coaster. So fun! I am excited to ride coasters with my girl this summer at Adventureland!

It was such a fun treat to do this with the girls. I kept thinking about how much Gavin would love it too. I will once he is potty trained, but even so, he would have had so much fun with us. Another trip will be happening again sometime this year!

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