Thursday, March 3, 2016

Weekly Dispatch

I parked near the sculpture park last Friday night on my way to dinner with the girls. It was so beautiful all lit up with the Des Moines skyline in the back. We should really bring the kids down here for a walk when it gets nice. 

We've been busy around here. We played outside most of last weekend since the weather was so nice, and then Avery and I got dressed up to watch the Oscars.

We had a nice cheese platter and some wine and ginger ale for our girl. She loved looking at all the pretty dresses on the red carpet. 

It's now time to start on the basement bath, now that we have the other parts mostly put together. I think this will be our tile combo for the walk in shower.

 I haven't shared our finished basement on here yet, as it is not "done" yet, so I will wait until we have it like we envisioned, then share :)

I will share this cutie, because look at him!

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