Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Racing at the Iowa Speedway

A few weeks ago my family all convened at the Iowa Speedway in Newton IA to watch my dad drive a race car on the track. For Christmas we had all gone in on an Experience Gift that was 24 laps on a Nascar racetrack. 

My mom ordered shirts for all the grandkids as a surprise for my dad. They said "Papa's Pit Crew". They were the hit of the race track, and many people commented on them. 

My mom and dad. 

Dad with all of his grandkids

Many, many Talledega Nights jokes were being tossed around at this point. Dad was getting into the car and we had to pass the time as he got situated. 

We now refer to him as '99'

That is their Papa passing the finish line behind them. 

He LOVED it! He is already talking about doing it again, and looking into other race tracks that feature this event. 

Papa with all his grandkids. They were tired at this point being in the heat. We were all ready for some lunch and AC. 

They guys {L-R; Tony, Gavin, Mike, Steve, Ryan, John}

The Original Laue 5!

My brother Mike booked the gift using this website - Great American Days

Although we are not a family who watches racing, Nascar, or anything like it, this was still a really fun way to gift someone something unique. My dad loves cars, and loves to drive fast, so this was such a perfect gift for him, and one he was not expecting. At Christmas, he was convinced that my mom had gotten him AC/DC concert tickets. So much so, that we played along, and Tony turned on an AC/DC song on his phone while my dad was opening the gift. He was shocked to see that we all had something else up our sleeves. 

Also- Iowa Speedway and all the staff we encountered were wonderful. I had called earlier in the week to get details on some logistics with bringing our small children. I wanted to know where the restrooms would be, if I could bring a cooler, etc. They were very helpful and very patient as my mom and I peppered them with questions. It's a great place and another example of Iowa shining. 

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