Thursday, September 15, 2016

Tile Shower

We are slowly but surely finishing up the basement bath by finally getting the shower installed. We had the tile floor for the bath itself done back in March so that we could get the vanity and stool set. 

Then it sat like this for a few months as we waited for our tile setter {he was booked solid this summer, and we were willing to wait for him. He does great work, and is reasonably priced. That is hard to find in any trade work these days.} 

Then, just as we were calming down from the frenzy of the renovation we did to our second investment property in Ames, we scheduled the shower to get started in our own home. 

First, he poured the shower pan and installed the durock on the walls. He came back after the weekend to waterproof with the black tar like membrane. 

After Labor Day weekend, he was back with our tile and got started on the install. 

We decided to take the large format tile in a vertical pattern to the ceiling with a simple decorative band of a glass and stone mosaic. 
{I was design paralyzed with this for a while. Had it been a clients home, I could have come up with a beautiful design and been pleased. In our own home, I have developed Design Paralysis... in all the rooms of our home, the struggle is real}

All the tile in and complete and ready for grout. 

All grouted and ready for the faucet and shower door! Avery loves it. 

I've got a few things left to do in here before it's all done. We have a nook that we are going to build a shelf box into for storage

and then I can finish paint touch ups, give it a really good clean, and nail down the finishing touches of some towels, artwork, and possibly a rug. 

It will be hands down the nicest bath in our home that is in the least used part of our home. We love having our lower level finished, so it's worth it. 

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