Friday, January 22, 2016

Things we love lately...

I love you Amazon. I love your for your array of items to buy, and reviews of said items. I love you for Subscribe and Save. I love you for the streaming. I love you for Amazon Fire tablets, Amazon Fire TV, and Amazon Prime. I love you for free 2 day shipping.

I love you Ebates. When I was doing our holiday shopping on Cyber Monday, your easy to use site directed me to all my usual retailers, and let me know which ones were having sales, and which ones you were doubling your rebates on. It added up quick, and that cash will help offset what we spent. Your browser button is a must have! {Try it out! We saved a bunch of cash on items we were going to buy anyway, at websites we were going to use anyway. It does not cost any extra, you simply go to the website and click on the retailer link there. It directs you to Nordstrom, Target, Kohls, etc just as normal, but you earn cash back. Here is a link to get you started: Danielle's referral to Ebates! or you can click on the link on the sidebar <--- }

Oh Costco, you saucy minx you. Your return policy is everything. I love the random items I seem to find each and every time I am shopping your glorious aisles. The 1/2 price Hunter Boots, and the discounted clothing items are worth the price of admission alone. The Mediterranean seasoning on the pork medallions and chicken wings is delish. Your wine pricing is outstanding, and in the Rochester location, the Kirkland Vodka cannot be beat. We love you. 

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce

Now, don't give me the side eye when you hear the title of this show. Tony glared at me when I told him what I was watching, but so far, the message to the storyline is not taking your partner for granted. It is good, and I love Netflix for streaming it. Oh Netflix...

You are the reason we will be cutting the cable cord soon. I can watch all the weird British documentaries my little heart desires, and I can also re watch

 Sirens all day everyday. 

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