Monday, January 25, 2016

Toasted Raviolis {T-Ravs}

I decided over the weekend I wanted to make homemade raviolis. I had seen a recipe in my new Pioneer Woman cookbook on using won ton wrappers to create them, and went to work. A favorite appetizer in the Des Moines area are toasted raviolis, so we made these instead. 

My sous chef wanted to help, and she was indeed so much help. She had the idea to cut them in circles instead of leaving them as squares, and they fried/toasted so much easier. 

She created a little assembly line with won ton wrappers, the mini meatballs I had cooked up, egg wash, and the bread crumbs. 

She was so proud of them. She has been playing coffee shop and waitress recently, so she took her daddy's order, and brought him a plate of appetizers while I got to making our main dinner. {see below...the 1 pan chicken with bacon pasta dish is incredible.}

These were delish, and we will be making them again. 

It is soooo good. 

We have been having a nice pasta dinner on Sunday nights in the last few weeks, with a properly set table, so we have been getting creative with our pasta dishes. This one is a hit. 

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