Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Favorites!

We've been binge watching an episode or two most nights for the last few months of West Wing. The politics and alternate universe where Jed Bartlet is our president is much more palatable than the current climate. 

Obama - Biden Forever!


This is Us

This is just the best show. It's back on after the holiday break and it keeps getting better! #TeamRandallAndBeth



This new to me cookbook is pretty amazing. It has healthy food and meal ideas that I know my family will eat. There are quite a few recipes that use a pressure cooker, which is next on our kitchen wish list. Anyone have a model they love? Some friends of ours got one over the holidays and are raving about it. 

This is a new favorite from the author, that I found on her website.


Puzzles! We got this at Christmas to do as a family, and we promptly bought 3 more on Amazon to do as we finished this one in about a week. 

Thank goodness we have a new scheduled activity for the kids on the weekend this winter. Getting out of the house so they can run, jump, climb and burn all that energy is better for everyone in our house!

Just Dance videos also help. 

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